Monday, July 1, 2013

Families are part of Heavenly Father's plan (primary theme for July 2013)

We came to Earth to be tested
And to do the best we can
Our spirits to get a body
All part of God's great plan

God knew that we'd need helpers
He knew we'd need great care
He knew that we'd need someone
To help us while we're there.

So we are born into a family
It may be big or small
They love, guide and teach us
And help us when we fall.

Our little family circle
Is linked through bonds of love
It's made to be eternal
By our Father above


  1. Awesome thanks.. Is it original?

    1. Yes. All the poems on here were written by me. I'm trying to have one for each month's theme in primary.

  2. Thank you for the poem. I got a call from the Primary Presidency today that my daughter in Sunbeam's has a talk today. I had no idea so I'm so glad I found your poem. It will be perfect.

  3. I'm looking for poems and quotes to make a book for my parents and siblings for Christmas.. I have a sister in Utah, a brother in Boston, parent and another sister in Penn. And a sister in Ohio.. I just want to get your permission to use some of your poems for my book? Doctors are planning on doing a third brain surgery on me so we won't have money for gifts..

  4. Homemade gifts are always the best! Feel free to use any of my poems, if you don't mind just crediting my blog as to where you got the poems. Good luck on your next surgery! I know Heavenly Father will be blessing you and I hope you may feel His comforting spirit.